Top 5 internet browsers by surfing speed

We Crete list of top 5 internet browsers by surfing speed. For safe and fast surfing you need good Internet.There are too many Internet Browsers in the world, you can choose as on your requirements.



Top 5 internet browsers by internet surfing speed

Top 5 internet browsers by surfing speed




Top 5 internet browsers by surfing speed


On the basis of high internet speed top five internet browser


We know that for surfing Internet we require Web browser. New technologies, tools, are consistently been develop to give users more and more efficient and speed browsing experience. Many key features are common in the browsers. Now we will discuss about features of top five browsers


Number <1> Internet explorer


Internet Explorer most commonly and widely used web browser. In World 25.68% internet user use Internet Explorer for surfing. One of the main reasons of the Microsoft’s most popular is available with Windows Orating System. It supports all type software.


It is not at position 1 in case of speed but it more security in case of sensitive transition like banking.

click to download internet explorer -9

Number<2> Google Chrome

Google gives one new idea introducing Google Chrome web browsers. Today Chrome is world second most popular web browser. Today 25.27% internet users use browse on it.


Some advantages of use Google Chrome:-


1) Google Chrome design is very simple, which allows us to surfing internet faster than any internet browser.


2)In Google Chrome the address bar (uniform address locator) is work as search box. Simplifies your Internet experience double as a search box.

3)”GOOGLE CHROME” comes with BOOKMARK facilities.

Click to Download Google Chrome

Number<3>Mozilla’s Firefox

Mozilla’s Firefox   is the most successful web browser. In the world 20.74% people like to surf on this browser. In case of supporting modern computer programming language and internet speed Mozilla’s Firefox is at number 3rd position.

click to download Mozilla’s  Firefox



Opera inter into the web browser industry with its browser launch in since1996.In case of speed opera is at 4rd place. Today opera 4rd most famous browse of world in world 5.07% people surf internet on opera mini. Opera-mini also available for Java enabled mobile phone devices. Opera is most wide used for mobile phone.

click to download opera for mobile phone and tablets 
Number <5> Safar

The fifth most popular Mac web browser, In 2003 Apple introduced Safari. It is initially only available for Mac (Mac is operating system introduce by apple) users, Safari is now also available for Microsoft operating system. Safari also has fast browsing speed. Safari provides Web Kit generating engine and Nitro JavaScript engine. Since its launch, Safari has become popular for Mac so users.

download safari for mac +pc

Top 5 internet browsers by surfing speed

Top 5 internet browsers by surfing speed

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