Proxy Server Settings for Web Browsers

Some time your internet not work because of proxy server errors.  Change your proxy server settings  of browsers by simple step which i write below.

proxy server settings for internet explore

proxy server settings
proxy server settings
  1. Open network and  shearing center (for open network and shearing center you should go to the control panel or directly write on start menu “network and shearing”)
  2. After open network and  shearing center than go to the internet option (internet option icon place left hand buttom side of your sceen )
  3. Now one window will open in this windows click to the “connection” icon. This icon top of windows.
  4. Now you go to the LAN setting option.
  5. Click to use proxy server for your LAN option.
  6. Write proxy server IP address in the address box and port number – for client 8080.

proxy server settings for Google chrome

1. wrench menu

2. internet Options

3. connection

4. LAN Settings

5. deselect the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” checkbox.

proxy server settings for Firefox

  1. v Tools Menu
  2.  Options
  3.  Advanced Icon
  4.  Network tab
  5. connection
  6. Settings
  7. inside Settings – you choose  ”Manual Proxy Configuration”
  8. Enter  IP (internet protocol) address for the HTTP proxy server
  9. Enter the port number

proxy server settings for Netscape

  1. Tools Menu
  2.  Options
  3. General
  4. Connection Settings
  5. Manual Proxy Configuration
  6. Enter  IP address inside HTTP Proxy field
  7.  proxy’s port number

proxy server settings for opera mini

  1. Tools Menu
  2. Preferences
  3. Advanced Tab
  4. Proxy Servers
  5. Check the box next to HTTP
  6. first box write the proxy server’s IP(internet protocol) address
  7.  write proxy port number in second box

proxy sever settings for safari web browser

  1.  Preferences
  2.  Advanced
  3. click to Proxies
  4.  Change Settings
  5. Check the box next to HTTP write the proxy server  IP (internet protocol) address in the first box and the proxy port number in the next box.
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