3G Data Card For Fast Internet Speed

3G Data Card For fast Internet speed

3G data card is used for mobile broadband .  Today in Indian market a lot of 3g  internet service providers and 3G data card  for fast internet vendors are available. It is very difficult to find best one. You select 3G data card according to yours recurrent. But before you brought any data card you must be need to first confirm about service center in your city.


In market two type of  3G data card available

Locked data card :-

In locked  3G data card you use only single sim card. You cannot change your sim card without breaking lock. You can break lock and use any sim card.

But what Problem in breaking lock?

When you will buy data card than company will provide one-year warranty with it. If you break lock and use another sim card than company warranty is finished. So do not take any risk with warranty. Do not prefer this kind of data card because you bound with single wireless internet service provider. This service provider at the time of providing connection. The will give more discount in 3g connection.  After some time they are applied too much charges.

3g data card

3G data card

In locked data card, data card vender by the help of software set frequency limit means bandwidth. Only this in this bandwidth your data card detect signal.


Company name                            speed                                           prize


Reliance                                             3.1Mbps                                    1100 Rp

Tata-docomo                                   7.2 Mbps                                   1600 Rp

BSNL                                                   7.2Mbps and 21 Mbps         1800, 2400 Rp

Tata photon                                      3.1 Mbps                                     999 Rp

airtel                                                    7.2 Mbps                                     1650 RP

vodaphone                                        3.1,7.2,21, Mbps                     not confirm



Unlocked data card – in this kind of data card you can use any sim card. In market more than 8 vendors are available in Indian market.


NAME OF UNLOCK DATA CARD                    SPEED                    PRIZE

Huawei data card                                         3.1 Mbps                         1300

Huawei data card                                         7.2 Mbps                         1700

ZTE data card                                                3.1 Mbps                           1500

ZTE data card                                                7.2 Mbps                           2100

MTS data card                                                7.2Mbps,21Mbps          2050

Before you buy 3G data card must be conform about service center in your city.




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