How To Connect Two Android devices via Internet Mobiles or Tablets

You can Connect Two Android devices via Internet. You do not need any Bluetooth or WiFi device for shearing data. You can connect two mobiles or android tablets and shearing data between than via internet and also operate your partner mobile or tablet anywhere around world.  You can also operate your computer by your android mobile phone. You can do it by using Team viewer remote desktop software.  Team Viewer connects two mobile or two PC via internet or mobile to PC around the world within a few seconds.

Features of Team-Viewer software for android tablets and mobiles

  • You can conduct training of you employ and your student online;
  • You can Arrange Online meetings;
  • Online Presentations is also possible;
  • Training session;
  • Simultaneously 25 members connect via Team work software;
  • Collaborate online on documents in real-time;
  • You can also share sounds and images;
  • Team Viewer sport Android and Apple Mobile OS control PC via mobile phone;
  • Sending invitations and automatically adding dates for meetings into your Outlook calendar;


Connect Two Android Devices via Internet

You can Connect Two Android Mobile Phone or tablet via Internet followed by simple 4 steps

1. Download Team Viewer Software are in both your android mobile Phone which you want to connect together from here.

2. Open team Viewer application on your mobile. You will see windows shown below.



Connect Two Android devices via Internet

Connect Two Android devices via Internet

3. Team viewer Generate one specific ID code for each system enter your partner unique ID to blank box of your partner android device.

4.  Now your partner Android device connects with your Android device.

This process is for latest version of team viewer.

Team viewer software is also available Windows, MAC and Linux. You can also control your computer via Android mobile or I Phone. Team viewer software free available on android play store. It has ultimate security features. You can very easy to operate it as compare to other remote desktop software.

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